Concern Rapid Fund (OFDA-USAID)

BRDS with the support of Concern RF (OFDA) has successfully completed two WASH projects in district Jaffarabad & Suhbatpur from January to September, 20013. BRDS benefitted almost 25928 flood-affected populations by providing following activities

1- 200 PFL latrines constructed.
2- 275 filter hand pumps installed
3- 30 water pounds were rehabilitated and installed with barbed wire & tow washing pads.
4- 275 Pre & post water tests with chlorination exercises completed in the targeted areas.
6- 200 office & Maintenance (O & M) training
7- 234 Hygiene sessions
8- 1704 hygiene kits provided to 11928 beneficiaries

PPAF ID & LEP Projects

After successful completion of phase I&II, BRDS has signed another 2 years contract agreement with PPAF providing livelihood opportunities to 290 ultra and vulnerable HH by transferring assets in UCs Kurak&Talli in district sibi. BRDS will conduct 4032 poverty scorecard (PSC) and complete 1935 livelihood investment plan (LIP) all procedure will be dine through MIS software provided by PPAF. BRDS also conduct 1935 DLIP training workshops for the target population. The project ends in 2015.

Community Physical Infrastructure

CPI is another vital component of PPAF. CPI schemes are implemented to alleviate poverty of the poor people. BRDS awarded schemes to the most capable and mature COs. The schemes ranged from sanitation, water reservoir, and flood protection to irrigation.

Relief & Recovery

Besides its regular projects and programs, BRDS extends its scope of work to Relief and Recovery. BRDS has, therefore, been responding to natural calamities around Baluchistan since 2005. It has provided immense relief to the disaster-hit people in terms of WASH, shelter, protection, livelihood and health. BRDS has been working with UNICEF to mitigate the suffering of affected people in Baluchistan. UNICEF's technical and financial supports helped BRDS achieve its Relief and Recovery objectives.

Currently, BRDS has signed PCA with UNICEF for Contingency plan on 28th, May 2013 for provision of emergency relief in districts Kalat, Khuzdar, Lesbella, Bolan, and sibi/lehri. BRDS also assisted UNOCHA conducted survey in Tehsil Mashkey&Gishkor who are badly affected by recent earth quack in district Awaran.

Human and Institutional Development (HID)

To help increase livelihood of the poor, potential trainings in agriculture, livestock and technical skills were delivered to the CO members. In total, 12 trainings took place in the targeted areas. The trainings helped members understand cash crops, productive livestock, and their technical skills raised in embroidery, tailoring and designing


BRDS signed an agreement with UNICEF to implement School WESS project in Sibi District. The program was based on six months and on yearly renewal of contract between the both the parties. After completion of successful program, BRDS signed another PCA to implement School WASH project jointly in District Sibi & Kalat. The program broadly consists of soft and hard activities i.e. capacity building of PTSMCs, TOT of schoolteachers on SSHE, sensitization of school-children on SSHE, formation of school child clubs, and dissemination of awareness on health and hygiene as well as construction/rehabilitation of school water and sanitation facilities.Through the software component, health and hygiene will be fostered that is oriented towards increased enrolment of children in schools

Social Mobilization

Through PPAF SM program, 122 community organizations (COs) and five village organizations (VOs) were established in the two UCs – Talli & Kurak in district Sibi. 40% of the COs was female and 60% were male COs. 27 training sessions were took place in both UCs to build the managerial capacity of the COs. The trainings were also helped the COs to become mature and run on their own. They also developed and maintained productive linkages with government and NGOs to resolve their basic needs.