Management Structure

The Management Structure of BRDS comprises of CEO, Administration, Director's Program and Managers and support staff. The projects/Programs of BRDS have their own management structures. The units are Finance, Administration, HRM, Program, MER, and Internal Control. Director's program directly deals with all managers and he is reporting line to CEO. The Finance and Administrative unit looks after the day-to-day administrative affairs of the organization and manages its finances. It has two sections, administrative and finance headed by administrative and finance managers with support staff.

Human Resource Unit is meant to look after the human resources of the organization and to capacitate the Community Based Organizations in their endeavors for sustainable development. Beside, this unit also imparts trainings on payment to CBOs formed by other projects/NGOs on demand. Human Resource Manager heads this unit.

Program Unit of the organization plans, project designs, implements, runs, and reports program activities and mitigate risks. This unit is headed by a Program Manager, who is assisted by program officers/coordinators and supporting staff. 

Monitoring, Evaluation & Research (MER) Unit of the organization monitors and evaluates the projects, events and campaigns of BRDS to keep the project activities on right track through direct observation, group discussion, and documentation review, random and non-random sampling process. Reports produced are shared with the project staff and donors. MER Manager heads it with support staff. The reports are also shared with the CEO at the end of the month to ensure transparency and accountability. The MER manager always remains impartial and keeps confidentiality.

BRDS also established Internal Control Unit of the organization, which is controlled by internal Auditor (Chartered accountant) that conducts internal audits of the organizations to ensure compliance with the procedures detailed in the organizational policies and donors' requirements. An Internal Controller or Internal Auditor heads this unit.