Our Objectives

Water and Sanitation:

To bring & enhance WASH awareness, and help in increase community, men, women and girls access to safe and clean drinking water, through provision and promotion of appropriate technologies and facilitate communities in adopting safe water, sanitation and hygienic lifestyle with best practices, prevent diseases and reduce risks and victimization in different ways particularly women & girls.

Community Development & Empowerment:

BRDS empowers poor communities by providing skill trainings and improve & help them in their capacity building to bring changes and contribute, towards the sustainable community development and community empowerment to protect their rights through awareness raising, advocacy and promotion, trainings & interventions.

Women Social and Economic Empowerment:

To Contributes, towards social empowerment of women, fostering & enabling environment for their inclusion in decision-making, respects and protects their rights and creating opportunities for their economic empowerment through advocacy and interventions.

Child Rights and Child Protection:

Promotion of child rights and to contribute towards well being and protection of vulnerable children through skill development, health, education and advocacy interventions

Human Rights Promotion:

Promotion of human rights, minorities' rights, especially women rights and gender equality through advocacy intervention and communities empowerment with their awareness and capacity building 


To contribute in improvements in the education system through enhanced quality education, improved school management and increase enrollment and reduce retention rate ensure! Parents/teachers participation to bring improvements in the education sector

Humanitarian Assistance:

To extend humanitarian assistance to those affected by disaster or displacement

Sustainable Livelihood and Natural Resource Management:

To contribute towards sustainable natural resource management and livelihood security through awareness raising, advocacy and promotion of appropriate technology